Monday, June 16, 2008

The Laboratory Accreditation Manual of CAP and CAP’s Safety Regulations

The manual is published by CAP to include comprehensive inspection guidelines[1, 4] and procedures[1, 4], ensuring quality standards are met. It employs the use of checklists[1] aimed at assessing participating lab’s compliance[1] with quality standards[1] and OSHA[2, 3] inspection processes. Eighteen[1] to Twenty[1] checklists consisting thousands[1] of different questions are used for the laboratories’ assessment. The checklist is handed[1] to the laboratories that are applying for accreditation[1] before the inspection[1, 4] process commences.

Some examples of checklists questions are presence of safety[2] policies, procedures for radiation[2] safety, personal protective[2] equipment, assurance of personnel’s vaccination against Hepatitis B[2] and policies regarding recording and documenting[2, 4] injuries[2].


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Note: Subscript [1] represents reference 1, subscript [2] represents reference 2, subscript [3] represents reference 3 and subscript [4] represents reference 4.

By: Ma Xianwei Benjamin
Class: TG01 Group 2
Word Count: 100 words
Date of submission: 16 June 2008

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